Established in 1964

About HACA

Our guiding principles

Mission & Vision


HACA’s mission is to support advocacy, education, and awareness efforts that build and sustain community among all people impacted by bleeding disorders.


  • Actively engage our membership and refine the programs and services to meet the needs of our community.
  • Monitor and respond to an evolving healthcare system, and advocate for comprehensive access to health care services of people with bleeding disorders.
  • Ensure that HACA has the resources and stability to serve as an effective and streamlined organization for our members.

Strategic Plan

The Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area chose to focus on these four strategic goals during their last planning session in 2019. A new plan will be developed in 2022.

  • Increase Public Policy and Advocacy Efforts
  • Increase Participation in Chapter Events
  • Develop Strong, Consistent Fundraising Programs
  • Strengthen Board


HACA was founded in 1964 as the Washington, DC Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation. Admiral Gordon Nagler and Margaret Graham, each the parent of a son with hemophilia, were co-founders of the organization.

In 2014, to commemorate HACA’s 50th anniversary, current Executive Director and then-Chapter Administrator Brenda Bordelon wrote a history of the chapter using historical documents preserved by the chapter and interviewing past executive directors and board members. She then worked with a graphic designer to create a written history of HACA. See the sidebar to read “HACA Looks Back: 50 Years of Caring.”

HACA Looks Back, 50 Years of Caring cover