HACA looks forward to welcoming members to our annual Chapter Education Day, which is scheduled for Saturday, March 25, at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, VA.

The theme for our 2023 event is “The Future of Bleeding Disorders,” and the day will kick off with a joint session from 10-11 a.m. for all participants on emerging therapies with Dr. Gary Kupfer, co-director of the Georgetown University Hospital hemophilia treatment center.

The conversation on how these emerging and future therapies will affect different populations will continue in the breakout groups. From 11 a.m.-noon, Dr. Kupfer will talk with adults that have a bleeding disorder and caregivers on navigating new therapies and how they will affect older patients. Then from 1:30-2:30 p.m., Dr. Kupfer and Kristen Parker, nurse coordinator at Children’s Hospital hemophilia treatment center, will talk with parents and families on the topic of “What Does the Future Look Like For My Child?” in regards to new and emerging therapies.

For parents and families, the session from 11 a.m.-noon will be “How to Be A Savvy Community Member.” This interactive session will give you information on the sometimes confusing acronyms – HTC, 340B, HRSA, etc – which can be a roadblock to getting care. You will learn the critical questions to ask when choosing a medication provider. Finally, you will gain an understanding of the responsibility that parents, patients, pharmaceutical and homecare representatives have in following the rules and laws that affect us all.

For adult participants, the conversation will continue after lunch from 1:30-2:30 p.m. on “Aging as Person with a Bleeding Disorder.” This session will be led by an educator with the National Hemophilia Foundation, and will be a discussion-based workshop that will explore what’s been learned about aging with a bleeding disorder while providing a space for sharing lived experiences.

Click here for the full agenda.

HACA is pleased to announce that we will have interpreters on hand to work with our Spanish-speaking community members. Handouts will also be provided in Spanish as well.

We are also thrilled that the staff from Camp Holiday Trails will be on hand as well that day to provide a day of pop-up camp for the kids and teens! We are still working on details, but there will be a variety of camp activities provided indoors and outdoors for kids ages 7-18.  And as in past years, childcare for children through age 6 will be provided by White House Nannies.

If you have transportation issues, please indicate this in your registration and we will work with you to provide a gas card, Uber or other assistance.

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