George & Linda Price Scholarship Program 2022-23HACA is accepting applications through June 1 for its annual scholarship program, the George & Linda Price Scholarship.

Like last year, we will be offering $16,000 in scholarships, and the amount awarded will depend on the number of applicants chosen.

The Price Scholarship can be applied toward full– or part-time college classes, as well as vocational training programs. The scholarship is open to anyone, not just high school or college students. It can also be applied toward advance degree work.

We also have our Job Readiness Grant Program available year-round for job training programs or certification programs needed to move a career forward.

If you are wondering which of the programs apply to you: If you are planning for traditional college classes or a longer-term training program, apply for the Price Scholarship. If you are looking to take a short-term training class, or are looking to take a certification course, apply for the Job Readiness Grant. Each application has the specific guidelines included.

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